House Keys for the Web

Who am I?

Matthew Miller

What to look forward to:

Keeping people out

Exploring "passwordless"

WebAuthn pros and cons

Starting your own WebAuthn journey

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The Humble Housekey

House Key
  • Used to secure entry to private places for almost 1200 years
  • A lock requires a specific key - reliable
  • Easy to carry - convenient
  • Inconvenient to duplicate - secure

The Tragedy of the Password

"We 'accept' that passwords are the best we have for securing access, despite all of their obvious pitfalls" - Me
  • Poor auth implementations create locks that accept multiple passwords - not reliable
  • Difficult to remember, so users write them
    down - not convenient
  • Very easy to duplicate, just need to dump a user DB to the internet - not secure

What if we could have house keys for our websites?


Exploring the idea:
Don’t Need A Password DNAPW

What did this prove?


House Key

Benefits of WebAuthn

  • Authenticators can hold many keys - reliable
  • Easy to carry - convenient
  • Inconvenient to duplicate - secure

Challenges of WebAuthn

  • WebAuthn dev community is very nascent
  • Account recovery in case of lost/replaced authenticator is more difficult
  • A stolen authenticator can allow a bad actor to impersonate a user
Is this 2FA?
  • Not if it’s used to replace a password!
  • It can still be paired with other 2FA methods

Who’s backing it?

  • Google
  • Mozilla
  • Microsoft
  • Apple

How do I get started?

  • Yubico - Security Key NFC
  • SoloKeys - Solo, Somu
  • macOS - TouchID (Chrome)
  • Android - Fingerprint sensor
  • iOS - NFC

WebAuthn Support Matrix: https://fidoalliance.org/fido2/fido2-web-authentication-webauthn/

Let’s empower users to lock up their accounts!

One more thing...

Thank you!

Matthew Miller